Kamis, 15 Maret 2012

The Tips Of Unique

For those of you who like to cook could try following these tips from me. When we cook food such as fish and chicken for sure we've annoyed because of the sticky. For it is now not to worry can be overcome easily karna by the onion. The onion can make a fish or chicken from sticking during cooking. How to cut the onion with 1 piece only and enter into a skillet to fry are chicken or fish. * Note the onion are included when the fish or chicken in a State of half-cooked, this is done so that the onion is not burnt. so taste the fish or chicken did not enter mixed flavors that footed the onion.
 You also need to try :
- To whiten teeth with bricks that have been mashed, it could also with stawberry grounds. 
- To make fingernails stronger by rubbing garlic into the nail.

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